Our Approach

Good skeletal alignment is vital for proper function of the nervous system and muscular activity, but that alignment can be achieved gently, by stretching some muscles and strengthening others. Sometimes a ‘quick fix’ is necessary, but the majority of the time excellent results can be achieved with pressure massage, stretching, and gentle chiropractic mobilization.

Dr Nick Warner-chiropractor

Nicholas Warner, CMT, DC

Melting Knots Since 1990
Adjusting the Spine Since 1996

Post Graduate Instructor
Southern California University of Health Sciences

Utah College of Massage Therapy (Phoenix)

Prior Instructor
Los Angeles College of Chiropractic

“Being trained as a Certified Massage Therapist before my Chiropractic education makes the difference for the people I help.  My philosophy is simple: Muscles move and hold the bones, by first addressing the muscular problems (by hand), the work that is done to the spine and extremities goes easier and last longer.”