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Wellness In Motion, chiropractic and massage is a one patient at a time office. Our patients receive personalized treatment, where time is taken to do it right.

After years of training and two decades of practice, I have come to realize that gentle chiropractic healing is the best approach to complete and lasting body alignment. Many people associate chiropractic with violent twisting and jerking, It doesn’t have to be that way.

Back Muscles - Wellness in Motion

Good skeletal alignment is vital for proper function of the nervous system and muscular activity, but that alignment can be achieved gently, by stretching some muscles and strengthening others. Sometimes a ‘quick fix’ is necessary, but the majority of the time excellent results can be achieved with pressure massage, stretching, and gentle chiropractic mobilization.

Back with neurons-Wellness in Motion

Years of training in human anatomy and physiology has convinced me that the way people hold themselves, the little things they’re not aware of, are responsible for many of the problems they experience. In other words, in a large majority of cases, we’re causing our own pain! It’s our own tight muscles that put things out of alignment, that keep joints from operating properly and causes the pinched nerves we feel as pain.


Practice Information:

Correcting The Problems!

To correct problems, the body simply needs to be reeducated. Sometimes it takes awhile, but it is almost always possible. That, is my mission: To reeducate the individual so they heal themselves, and to educate the public that healing is possible!

In my practice, I use a variety of techniques.

I personally perform as part of every session:

  • Trigger Point Massage: I focus on the muscles that inhibit proper alignment and cause specific patterns of pains/discomfort. Sometimes the important muscles are very small ones alongside a joint. Often these are missed in traditional massage.
  • Stretching: Muscles and their tendons moves and hold the body. Stretching promotes good alignment and movement. In-office stretching is only part of the process, each patient is given simple but effective home stretches and exercises.
  • Gentle Adjusting: With all the massage prep, adjustments are gentle and easy. Think of it this way, if you want a door to easily open, why not remove the elements keeping it closed?